Natural Mineral Childrens Play Makeup Kit Loose Powder

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Our loose mineral powders come with a handy built in sieve and are filled to the brim in our 4g eco pots. If you mix our powders with a drop or two of water they make super sparkly natural face paint!

Our Little Stardust kit includes:

1 Gold Mineral  Eyeshadow - The customer favourite! a super sparkly gold, layer it up for a striking gold effect!

1 Blue Mineral Eyeshadow - A soft and gentle light blue with natural shimmer. 

1 Fairy Stardust Mineral Shimmer Dust - A sparkly sliver for those little imaginations. 

1 Pink Mineral Blusher/Eyeshadow - A pretty pearlescent pink, a subtle blusher or just a smidge on the eyes looks fab! 

1 Pink lipstick that is enriched with natural minerals, Argan Oil, Vitamin E and Shea Butter! 

1 Natural Sponge - A lovely natural cleansing sponge. Just wet and wipe across the face and ta daa the makeup will disappear! 

1 Bamboo Applicator - A sustainable bamboo applicator to apply the make-up with or just use little fingers to avoid eyes being poked! 

1 Fairy Mirror - Perfect little accompaniment to any makeup set. 

To be kinder to our environment our pots are all made from recycled craft paper.