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Biodegradable Cosmetic Glitter

We are delighted to introduce our biodegradable cosmetic glitter with our natural Aloe Vel gel to apply it with. The bioglitter Pure range is considered the highest level of independent certification for fresh water biodegradability in the world. Cosmetic Bioglitter™ PURE has been developed to biodegrade quickly and safely in the natural environment. Bioglitter™ PURE products produce an opalescent effect totally unique to Bioglitter™ and complete new to the glitter industry.

 *Derived from natural materials rather than plastic

 *Ethically and sustainably sourced raw materials

* Aluminium Free - Being aluminium free Cosmetic Bioglitter™ PURE products are also suitable for use on lips in the US and their enhanced formulation compatibility enables them to perform well when in liquid and solid soaps.

Cosmetic Bioglitter™ PURE,  is industry award-winning on a global level:-

    • A level of certification considered the highest of its kind in the world
    • Biodegrades quickly and safely in natural, fresh water environments

Our Aloe Vera gel is made from Pure, cold pressed Aloe Vera plant flesh with no added fragrance colour or alcohol and is the perfect natural way to apply cosmetic glitter! Ingredients - 99.9% Pure Aloe Vera with Vegetable Glycerin. Although suitable for most skin types we do recommend a patch test prior to use.