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Our Story


One day my 5 year old came home from a play date with neon pink cheeks and bright red lipstick and a request for her very own makeup selection... The thought had never crossed my mind, I then realised she watches me do it every day, children love to role play and pretend to be grown up so whats the harm if its just for fun?  So I started looking at the play makeup, to my shock I discovered that the play makeup in the UK was full of nasty ingredients, lots of known irritants and toxins, some carcinogenic. My mother had always taught me about the importance of good ingredients but it was the day I had my first born that i actually took notice about the chemicals that lurked in products that we use in our every day lives. Since then I have tried my best to stick to the purest products and ingredients to use on my children. This was not about to change and so the natural play makeup company was born.

I never wanted to promote children wearing makeup in a grown up sense, the company is not about that, it's about having fun with colour and role play. Many children are naturally incredibly intrigued by makeup as they many watch their parent's put it on every day and just want to explore it themselves. I ultimately wanted to create a safer alternative to the chemical laden play makeup currently available in the UK.  I wasn't looking for children to look like they were contending in a beauty pageant or to try looking older than their years but just something simple and subtle to mess around with.

Our Play makeup is made with carefully selected ingredients formulated just for young children. Our simple formulations and subtle colours gives children the chance to have fun with colour and add a bit of natural sparkle.  By keeping it simple we managed to eliminate all of the nasty ingredients that you’ll find in regular makeup. Our powders are created using natural minerals, our lipsticks too with the moisturising addition of shea butter and argon oil with just a hint of colour, its so natural and nourishing they can even just use it as a lip balm! I personally carry one around with me at all times. Our makeup is designed to wash off easily when play time is over. 

It was important for me to have the makeup manufactured in the UK, I wanted to support our economy but mainly I wanted parents to know exactly what was going onto their children's delicate skins and have confidence in the product by knowing where it had come from.  Our makeup kit has been approved and passed all of the European safety assessments and also has gained the CE mark for toy regulations

Many children love to dress up and have fun with play makeup, we just want to make sure they are doing it without the harsh chemicals! 


Founder & Mummy xx